Bare Minerals Foundation Spotlight Review

My favorite foundation is Bare Minerals Original SPF.  I have tried others but I always go back to this one.  I even tried Bare Minerals READY foundation; same brand, same colours, however despite the solid edition being convenient, ‘on the go’, ‘Original’ is still the best.  It offers good coverage and unlike other mineral foundations does not contain excessive amounts of mica and talc.





Also the twist dispenser which has been added to the container means reduction in wastage and spillage – a common problem with powder make up.  The shades that I usually go for include ‘fairly light’ and ‘golden fair’, but my skin tone changes throughout the seasons.  I have found it usually works out best value to buy my foundation in a Bare Minerals starter kit.  It also includes Warmth, Mineral Veil and brushes; these are often on sale in TK Max or TJ Maxx in the USA, or on promotion on QVC.  They are full price in Debenhams and House of Fraser.

When applying the foundation you can use the simple swirl, tap, buff method to ensure even coverage; demonstrations are provided on QVC and Youtube, also clear application instructions are given on the starter kit booklet.

I urge anyone who has not yet tried Mineral Make up to buy a mineral foundation and a good quality brush and give it a go.  You can get your colour for free at a department store concession if you find it hard to match your skin tone.  I really do believe Mineral Make up is kinder to the skin.

The brand are animal friendly

Thanks for reading

India x

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