Z-arts Diary week 5

On my fifth week at Z-arts it was time to have another catch up with Zoe with regards to my Arts Award so we ran over the plans I had drawn up for this. I am focusing unit 1 on Shakespeare. I did not choose to study one of Shakespeare’s works for  my IGCSE play, choosing An Inspector Calls instead, so although my knowledge of The Bard is quite good, I have been wanting to do some more in depth study on some Shakespeare plays for a while. For my ‘Arts Challenge’ I am going to study and perform a Shakespearean monologue and for my arts review I shall watch a Shakespeare play! I am really excited to discover more about he who is arguably the most iconic playwright of all time!

We checked our timetables next. Initially my 12 week placement at Z-arts would be every Friday finishing on the 12th of August however due to Laura (who I am assistant to!) having holidays booked off, I will finish on the 31st of July with my placement continuing into September with me being in work on the 11th and the 12th of September- I thought I would include this here so you don’t wonder what happened to the diaries come August!

My first actual task as Creative Marketing and Design Assistant for week 5 was at 11.30 am when I was given the task to design a web page for Roald Dahl Day, I bulked out the Copy a little, added photos and dates then changed formatting to something compatible with the Z-arts website. Unfortunately this can’t go live yet due to the website being updated however I advise anyone with children to come along for the activities on Roald Dahls Birthday! So note down the 13th of September, its all going to be free and there will be arts and crafts, as well as readings from revolting rhymes. I had trouble on whether to add any Roald Dahl quotes to the web-page as there were so many to choose from, I ended up including one of my favorite BFG quotes!

Next I had to upload some info onto the Family Arts website and then email all the listing details of summer activities happening at Z-arts; Creative Picnics, Art Explorers and Roald Dahl Week etc, to Claire for her to put on the Moss Side summer newsletter.

After updating Facebook with some more info on ‘Hulme is Where the Art is’, and some other HIWTAI related tasks, I had some online listings to upload. When I had finished the online listings and had my lunch it was time to check the Manchester City Council web listings before learning something new.

The thing I had never done before was Postcode analysis and unfortunately it was an extremely boring task and time consuming for someone with dyscalculia but at least I know what it means now. Basically its seeing where your audience are travelling from- essential for marketing and advertising purposes of course. I had to look at all the postcodes from bookings from shows and see which postcodes we had the highest number of families from. It would have been easier but the spreadsheet supplied wasn’t in logical order ie- all M20’s together; it wasn’t even in alphabetical order. By 4.30 my eyes were hurting from scrolling up and down, aha!

For more information on Hulme is Where the Art is then here is the link- activities include a party at the lovely Hulme Community Garden Centre and much more. https://www.facebook.com/HulmeIsWhereTheArtIs

Thanks for reading once again!

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