Z-arts Diary week 3

In the morning I had some Event Listings to put up on the Z-arts website, the website is powered by WordPress just like my blog!. Lots of exciting things were coming up at Z-arts and I uploaded many, including Refugee Lifelines, Paint Pots for Tots and ‘Show us your Manc’ film making workshops.


Office dog!

Next I made a phone call to a company ‘OH Digital’ who supply Z-arts with one of their services, it was regarding an issue with the website and I think it has now been resolved. When that was done I got to create an E-Flyer for ‘Monkey’ (A show at Z-arts tomorrow) I had to photograph the physical leaflet then use Microsoft Powerpoint and Paint to edit it before uploading it to Isuu.com to change to format and share with ease.


Tasty lunch- veggie pasta and bute island medium melty

Everyone was very busy at Z-arts due to the Big Wild Rumpus event the next day- this event was to celebrate the anniversary of the book- ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. It was meant to be at Hulme Park but the dodgy weather report meant a relocation to the gallery. My next job related to the event- creating Twitter and Facebook updates for ‘Live tweeting and Facebook-ing’ during the event the next day. I created and scheduled the posts before emailing them over to Laura to post the next day- of course the FB posts are much easier to create- no pesky word limit!



After lunch and 2 meetings (Holly from Curious minds and Zoe regarding my arts award) I put up some posters. These were to make people aware of the photography taking place the next day- obviously this is important as some people won’t want to give permission for their photos to be used in media advertising or press releases. Before going home needed to upload some more event listings on Netmums and Mumsnet then It was time to go! It was a busy day and I was glad to get home after horrendous bus traffic in the humid heat!

Week 4 coming soon!- Thanks for reading!

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