Mod’s at the Thirsty Scholar Manchester

Fancy dirty pub grub in Manchester? Many people don’t know that Martin Mod who used to be the chef at Northern Quarter based Cafe Pop before closing still operates his cafe! Now it is based at pub The Thirsty Scholar near Oxford Road train station. The menu is quite well priced (around £5-£8 for a main) and portions are HUGE. Food is all vegan but Omnis and Veggies can add fried eggs if they so wish. Manchester Vegan Society is ran by Mrs Mod so meet-ups are often situated in the Cafe. If you like ‘fake meat’ then you can have a breakfast, bangers and mash or a burger or if you dislike fake meat there are still options such as Bean Burgers available. Mod also DJ s at the Thirsty Scholar so if you fancy going down there one night its always good to support a fellow veggie. The sausages used on the sausage meals are Linda McCartney branded which is good as I dislike some brands. The breakfast pictured below consists of beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, vegetarian bury black pudding, spam fritters (I think they are frys polony) and toast with vegan spread- it usually has hash browns but I subbed the extra sausage.


My breakfast for lunch pictured without toast.


My breakfast for lunch pictured with toast

As you can see the Breakfast above is probably not for the faint heart-ed but you can order a giant version which has about 4 of each thing on it!


‘Chicken Burger’ with onion rings, homemade wedges and mexican chilli side.

Mod’s is open from noon till 7 most days but you can check on Facebook to be sure.

Thanks for reading!


A smaller but still huge breakfast option!

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