Disney @ Primark

I would love to share my latest Disney purchases with you, It might surprise you to know that everything pictured was purchased in Primark.


Most Disney fans know by now but Disney items found in Primark are 100% authentic licensed products unlike some of the cheap Disney Merchandise on markets and Ebay which is fake. Some of the things I have had have been really lovely and there is a great variety in stock at the moment. I saw underwear, leggings, shorts, tees, jumpers, pajamas and more. A large variety of movies and characters featured too- not just Mickey, Minnie and Frozen like other high street shops.


I chose these ‘The Little Mermaid’ Pjs, Tinkerbell and Olaf Knickers, Bambi shorts and a denim Mickey mouse shirt. The Bambi shorts will join a whole host of Bambi stuff I have got from Primark including pajamas, bras, knickers and socks! I have been buying Disney stuff in Primark for around 5/6 years and I hope this collaboration will continue. Despite Mango, George, H+M, Peacocks, Asos and Forever 21 all selling Disney clothing the variety in Primark is the best for adults- I have for example not seen tracksuits in adult sizes anywhere else.





It was all great value and I went home a ‘happy shopper’! Have you purchased Disney Items from Primark? Maybe you even had one of their Christmas jumpers? Let me know below, via message or by tweeting @India_Bieber_x


3 thoughts on “Disney @ Primark

  1. As a vegan do you not extend the ‘cruelty free’ attitude as far as humans? The reason you got so many ‘bargains’ is because of Primark’s appalling reputation with sweat shop labour! Don’t want to come across confrontational but it seems very hypocritical of you to share your vegan beliefs whilst supporting the continued suffering of humans, mostly young children, in order to bag yourself some cheap clothes. Food for thought perhaps?


    • http://www.primark.com/en/our-ethics

      I mainly buy vintage, second hand, etsy, traidcraft and American Apparel (usa made) stuff but have no problem with people visiting high street stores. Primark actually had a project to educate some of there women workers enabling the workers abroad to have oppurtunities (A friend visited as part of the scheme). I have linked you a page with their policies regarding health care they supply for workers, conditions in factories + compensation for incident last year, and also their Eco policies.


      • Just because primark say it’s all nice and cosy it doesn’t mean it is. If an abattoir said that everything was fine on a website page would you be rushing to eat meat and do a blog post about it? Plus do you have any idea the strain put on the environment that comes from shipping these from the other side of the world? Just something to think about


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