Vegan Manchester- Summer Solstice party!

Last night I went to an amazing party organised by Vegan Manchester Social Group, It was located in the basement of Eighth Day Vegetarian shop and cafe and was a really lovely fun and relaxed evening with good food and good company! I even got an Animal card reading by Jill who had brought Goddess and Animal Tarot cards.

Lots of people wore flower crowns to fit in with the Summer Solstice theme, I did not have time to attend the workshop to make fresh crowns with Hulme Community Garden Centre but I had a few head-dresses knocking around the place so I put this cute pink one to good use! It was from Forever 21 (the bird skirt is also from Forever 21, T-Shirt is from American Apparel, Bag is from Zand Amsterdam and Jumper is from Primark) and I hadn’t had much use out of it before! It even has cute little butterflies perched on it.

I met up with lots of people I already knew from both this group and other local groups, also meeting some Facebook pals who I had not met in person before for the first time which was nice- always good to see virtual friends in the flesh!, and met some completely new people too which was fab! I had some really good chats with some people and anyone I didn’t talk to for long, It was just due to lack of time! I think I said Hello to everyone!

Sophia, who works at the Eighth day and Andrea from Glossop founded ‘Vegan Manchester’ in 2013 and the group has grown ever since! I am very happy I found it last summer! It is a friendly, accepting community for Vegans and the ‘Vegan Friendly’ (non vegans and vegetarians who show respect to vegans) and is just generally a positive environment. The group run a range of events from family friendly day events to drinks parties. If you are interested in being a part of it then you can join the meetup page… here 

Also as part of the evening was a brilliant raffle in aid of Pudz Animal Sanctuary – Prizes included a voucher for a dinner party chef to come to your own home kindly donated from a leading name in vegetarian pop up dining events – Plant food power chefMoo Free ‘better than milk’ Chocolate, Booja Booja luxuriously boozy champagne truffles and an amazing prize of vouchers for cruelty free salon and spa center Buddha Beauty Chorlton 

I actually won a prize! I was very surprised as this is quite a rare occurance for me but I am very happy with my Faith in Nature Shower gel and Hand Wash hamper! I have used their stuff before and LOVE it! Well worth buying 4 strips of raffle tickets! Ooh Coconut, Mint and Mango- All lovely scents too! I once used their cocoa scented products but then I smelt like chocolate and wanted to eat myself a little.




For my food I chose an aromatic Tofu and Aubergine Curry with brown rice and salad which was nice then I ended up eating Vanilla and Chocolate Marble cake, Coconut cheesecake with a digestive biscuit base and sharp raspberry coulis, cake with a lemony type frosting, and Chocolate Peanut Butter cake as my table and the one in front struggled with cake consumption! All were wonderful and I think they were all supplied by Black Cat Cakery and Eighth day Food was followed by drinks, chit chat and a little dancing.

What a fab night, with 60 people in attendance which is a good example of how the group has grown – Oh and more Lime, tofu and Coconut cheesecake for a pre- breakfast snack this morning! Bonus!



Thanks for Reading


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