‘What is Beauty’ – Gods Girls Event

Recently my cousin Bek Taylor invited me along to an event called ‘Gods Girls’ It was organised by one of her friends Alice, and ran by the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army are an extension of the Christian church and also run a charitable organisation doing lots of work with the homeless- My auntie and cousin are both members of the Army and Bek also works for them as a youth worker. Alice is studying Theology and wanted girls to be confident in themselves and love themselves- using what she had learn’t from the Bible she organised an event to do so. The weekend started with a screening of this video Alice had created https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwg8dbWfVWo&sns=fb and consisted of several workshops interspersed with individual prayer, workshops included studying and making presentations on female role models such as Anne Frank, Emmeline Pankhurst and Michelle Obama, studying women’s role in the bible and banishing bad thoughts by writing down then ripping up any insults people had thrown at you. We also had boards to write empowering things and compliments on each others – to remind us all the things people love about us.



The event was lots of fun and finished with a film screening of ‘Annie’ and a sleepover. As I mentioned when I wrote about ‘Hare Krishna’ I love experiencing different religions especially those with charitable outlooks so thank you very much Alice for letting me be a part of such a lovely weekend.

You can read Alice’s blog here where she has written a post about Beauty in Society and Beauty in her religious beliefs.


Thanks for reading, India x

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