Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2015 Part 1

On Saturday I was up bright and early to travel to The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival with my friend Pamela of and and her lovely partner Adam. We made it in good time as the motorway was relatively clear and we arrived at the town hall to see a variety of stalls waiting for us including our fellow Mancunians from V-revolution, a cocktail bar and a badger and fox welfare stand who I bought a cute knitted phone sock from. Also outside were Farplace animal rescue serving Vegusto hotdogs!

Up the steps we found freebies from Fry’s Family foods and Bute Island, I finally tried Fry’s prawns and was pleasantly surprised after hating Linda’s prawns a while back. We made sure to give a cuddle to the days mascot, adorable dog, Miracle, of Miracles Mission– be sure to like her Facebook page! It was here we met up with Amy of who we were to be going round the festival with- she arrived earlier and got a cool goody bag reserved for the 1st 100 guests! We had a few turns on Miracles tombola and I won a ‘Queen of Shops’ tote which along with my Build a bear shopper proved useful in transporting my goodies.




Just inside the door I spotted Victoria Eissermann who runs one of my favorite charities K9 Angels as well as being a model, I like how she promotes Veganism as I feel some people are still under the belief all vegans are crazy and knit their own socks from recycled cloth sacks! Just as promotion of Vegan Junk food helps with outreach, I think promotion of Vegan fashion and beauty does the same, you can wear makeup and nice shoes and still be cruelty free people! She was sporting a lovely K9 Angels tote bag and I definitely want one!



Onto some retail therapy and I earmarked lots of stands for wishlists! Love Libby make gorgeous silver and bronze jewelry and Yours Naturally, Naturally Yours who I met at the Manchester fair were back with even more tealights. Amy bought some lemon curd which was certainly a novelty, and we saw another local Heather who I know bought some Tyne Chease – nut cheese from newcastle and some Anandas Wagon wheels. We went and saw the kids area upstairs and spotted Jill yet another local vegan with her kids so we stopped for a brief chat about cider before going to have a look around the History of Veganism exhibition which I found was actually quite interesting!




The bits of information that interested me the most were of course the celebrity vegetarian and vegan area, the information about herbivorous dinosaurs and then the small sheet about ‘Banana yarn‘ pictured below. How nice would a scarf made from that look! silky too!



Other stalls around Leeds Town hall Included ‘Heavenly Organics Skincare‘ I was very happy to see them trading as they are supporting Teen VGN Summer camp and will even be running a workshop there! I picked up a Tea tree facial oil as I thought I could use it for my acne to help balance my skins natural oils. I also bought some mild unscented moisturizer from another stall as the medicated cystic acne gel prescribed by the doctor is ridiculously drying so although I don’t want to use my lush cream which I use during the day after applying the gel, before bed, I felt using this moisturizer could help combat the drying effect of the harsh medicated stuff! I got lots of advice from all of the different people trading skin care products and cosmetics- some of which I already knew (oil balances oil and does not make skin oily, and mineral makeup is best- its all I use anyway!) but it was nice to be given free advice all the same. The Weleda stand even gave us some goody bags- I think they run a similar scheme to Tropic, Forever living and Arbonne by using ambassadors and sales parties. Pacifica had some amazing makeup for sale which I haven’t seen in the UK before so I will definitely follow that one up. I got a coffee sample from Loving Kindness Limited – I love this coffee, seriously try it everyone!

Other stalls I hadn’t seen before included Bo Carter Boutique who had the most amazing skirts but the one I liked had sold out in a 6 so I will bookmark the site online instead, Animal Aid who had cheap Trek bars!, Pudz animal sanctuary who sold me some homemade apple cookies for Marnie puppy (she loves them by the way!),an amazing avocado oil salad dressing and an amazing array of different chocolate and sweet traders. After sampling Sweet Revolution, Essy and Bella and a many others I settled on buying a bar of Matcha green tea chocolate from Ayni raw chocolate. For lunch I got an amazing pea and mint soup which was really good! I think it had soya cream in it and also picked up some courgette and mock cheese scone to take home. I think the performer on stage was Courtney Lynn who was really good and I think I will download some of her music it was really nice and folksy.

That is it for part 1 as shortly after this we went to have a look around Leeds and get some air and Costa coffee, I will post everything else- including my shopping haul! later!

Thanks for reading

One thought on “Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2015 Part 1

  1. The badger /fox welfare stall were the Leeds branch of ‘hunt sabs’. We met members of the Manchester branch at the vegan fair in Chorlton earlier this year 🙂


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