Whimsical Weekday at John Rylands

As you know, I believe it is important to exercise your creativity. Its easy to forget to do creative things due to work and other commitments, John Rylands Library is a gorgeous gothic library near Spinningfields in Manchester and for around 3 years we have been going to there Whimsical Wednesday/Weekday workshops, free and suitable for all ages, they occur around once per month and are ‘drop in’ so can fit around a time table. A good chance to learn a new skill and relax whilst crafting!, activities we have done include Jewelry making, macrame keyrings and Christmas decoration making, however we did organize home educators workshops doing Bookbinding and Screen Printing and these are done on Whimsical Wednesdays too! A few weeks ago myself and my mother ,who is not usually crafty, introduced my Auntie to the workshops and she found it really therapeutic too. We did Decoupage on some boxes! Mine is the monkey one.



John Rylands do a variety of arty classes and other fun stuff like kids dragon tours along with photography tours, lectures and poetry reading, if you like Gothic architecture like me then it is definitely worth a visit. I love Notre dame type buildings so its really my cup of tea!


ViviLnkThanks for reading.

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