Unicorn Grocery Haul

I am not going to lie, I am the opposite of being slave to organic produce, due to convenience, cost and a variety of other factors. Occasionally I buy organic veg (the carrots taste better!) and some of the foods I buy as vegan happen to be organic too, for example Suma beans, and Mr Organic pasta sauce. But by no means would I ever only buy organic.


As mentioned vegan food is often organic too- my favorite places to shop for these items include Mcall’s Organics Manchester and Unicorn Grocery Chorlton. I recently went to Unicorn to pick up some bits and thought I would share my basket with you. **( note that the ‘no whey’ bar is not from unicorn as it contains refined sugar and is not organic- you can buy these in V-revolution and online) (the pulsin powder is from the vegan fair)



Hopefully I will have found some new favorites as I chose a few items I have not tried yet. I will review some of the stuff on here as I have been photographing it all as I ate it! Everything at Unicorn Grocery is vegan including goodies from the deli counter- Black Cat Cakery cakes, Lily’s samosas, vegan pasties and handmade hummus to mention a few. It is definitely worth a visit.




On your way out, be sure to grab some free recipe cards and veg leaflets and some jars from the jar recycling bank if you like to preserve or fancy making some tealight candles.

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