What I did 5/6/15… Z-arts Diary

Today I started the morning by creating a new banner to publicize the feedback survey currently on the Z-arts website, customer feedback is vital for everything so I knew this was important. The banner is now up on the website and by giving feedback, customers have the chance to win tickets to one of the performances at Z-arts.

Talking of performances, today I got the chance to view a unique piece of children’s theatre which was being performed in the theatre. All of the nursery school aged children viewing the performance sat still, entranced and barely made a sound (apart from laughter) throughout the performance. ‘Casa’ was not puppetry or animation, instead it was a piece of interpretative theatre designed for young minds and unlike anything I have seen before. Only 2 actors were featured with little speech involved but they still managed to hold the attention of a young audience and portray a simple story- a cute tale of friendship.

At the end of this performance the young children were invited up into the stage space to play with water and bubbles with the two actors, I feel this audience interaction will have been really exciting for the toddlers after all that sitting still, To find out more about ‘Casa’ then follow this link – http://www.testoniragazzi.it/produz.php?iddoc=1733

After watching the performance I settled down to add listings for all of the regular Z-arts activities to the Manchester City Council website. Most of these will be free or free to Bright Sparks members. After this I did the same with the upcoming shows, putting the event listings on Netmums and Mumsnet. After lunch I did the same on Skiddle and updated the website with the details for an event called ‘Harmonise’ before doing some work on Z-arts ‘Mix it up Families’ activities; it is an art club for adults and children to do crafts together- a great way to bond in a relaxing environment.

For a bit of a break from the computer screen, it was suggested I went to do some photography of the current changing exhibit- Syria: Reaching Out to Children and Parents of War, the exhibit was really interesting and insightful. It featured drawings that children in the middle of the conflict had drawn showing innocent children’s perspectives and how they differ, it was quite emotional to look at some of the pictures. You can read more about the exhibition here- http://www.z-arts.org/events/syria-reaching-out-to-children-and-parents-of-war/  The exhibition also had a film being shown, delicious Syrian food such as flat-breads, nuts and Baklava and children’s activities.

To end my days work I updated Facebook with some colorful photos taken at the Giving Tree event, where children of supporters of the center had added their hand-prints to the wall. This was my favorite of the pictures, and probably the most colorful! (I also love the little girls cat ear headband! very cute!)

Thanks for reading!

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