I <3 Mail day!

Disney mail has to be my favorite type of mail and I recently made 2 Tsum Tsum orders online so as you can imagine I was really excited when both orders arrived in one day.


The first order was with ‘Disney Store’ UK – http://bit.ly/1FtAC86

I ordered Bambi ,for him to join Thumper and Miss Bunny, of course. The Three dalmatians – Lucky, Rolly and Patch who are adorable (I didn’t get Cruella as I wanted them safe!) and finally Sven from Frozen as he is one of my favorite characters in Frozen.




I loved my new Tsum Tsum but my favorite new purchase was in the other package, result of an auction I won on eBay, I received Bruno, the dog from Cinderella, he rarely appears on his own merchandise so I was happy to add him to my collection. Isn’t he cute!


I was also happy to see that he was 100% genuine as many ebay sellers sell fakes, (you can usually tell from the tags and the hole on the top or keyring attached) A top tip for avoiding fake pins and Tsum would be to stick to UK and US sellers who state ‘Official Merchandise’ or ‘Disney store/Disney parks’ rather than ‘Fan Made’

Have you had any new Tsum Tsum purchases come to your house recently? Perhaps you are awaiting the arrival of your ‘Inside out’ Tsum Tsum which were released yesterday? Let me know below!

 Thanks for reading!

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