My new job!

For the next 12 weeks I have been presented with an amazing opportunity to work alongside a team of professionals as a Marketing and Design assistant. I am really looking forward to working with Z-arts Manchester.

If you are not familiar with the organisation here is their own explanation of what they are all about:

‘Z-arts was formed in 2000 as a ‘creative space for young people’ with a priority on providing participatory activity.

Creative learning is still at the core of everything we do, both inside and outside the building. We work with schools and communities all over Greater Manchester, spanning the whole curriculum. We strive to be forward thinking in all our projects, making them as relevant, accessible, educational and of course, fun as everyone who takes part in them deserves.’

Being home educated and someone who has always thought that is important for children to have enrichment with regards to theatre and art I am a supporter of the great work this company do. I feel creativity is under- valued by schools and by society so places like the Z-arts centre located in Hulme, Manchester are vital in the development of new artists every where. Otherwise talent could go without being nourished and children could not have opportunities to get involved in extra curricular activities involving the arts and therefore miss out on personal development and enjoyment which it could have brought them.

When I first joined drama classes at Carol Godby’s Theatre workshop, a local drama school, there were skills I lacked and I was much more shy, personally, my own arts journey has influenced my personality, ambitions and confidence a great deal and helped me grow as a person. Other people may turn to poetry, music or painting, these skills are absolutely invaluable and must not be taken for granted. Academic skills are extremely important but that does not mean creativity and a passion for the arts should go un-noticed.

I am planning to document some of the things I get up to at Z-arts, here on my blog. The job description included helping to analyse, improve and manage social media pages, updating web content, working with the media to secure coverage of events, assisting with print production and distribution for advertising and researching and co-coordinating local events. So if all goes to plan, then there will be many interesting things for you to hear about. I can’t wait to get stuck in! so keep an eye out if you would like an insight into what I have been getting up to.

If you are interested in finding out more about Z-arts or seeing ‘Whats on’ then here is the link-

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