The best rice and three in Manchester?

When I was little I was very fussy and only ate VERY plain foods, my diet consisted of milk, grated mild cheddar cheese, brown bread with margarine, white boiled rice, plain bachelors noodles, spaghetti with olive oil, green peas, carrots,plain baked potatoes, dry rice crispies, pom bear crisps, chocolate, rich tea biscuits,Lyons angel cake, baker boys chocolate cupcakes, tivall hot dogs and birds eye vegetable fingers. My mum loved spicy curry but rarely cooked it, it would have been pointless in her eyes (especially in the days before we had the chest freezer!) to make a curry for one. This meant that Mum would order a takeaway as a treat every few weeks from Local restaurant ‘The forts of India’ – my order would be boiled rice. When we went to into Manchester Mum really loved to go to Curry cafe ‘Little Alladin’s’ for a rice and 3 and of course rice for me! We even used to meet my auntie and equally fussy cousin there occasionally. When I was in year 7 Mum found a different favorite Curry Cafe, Yagdar cafe, so started going there instead.

When I started eating more adventurously I got really excited to try these places but I was bitterly disappointed, unlike the curries Mum made for me at home these curry’s were very oily, you could taste the grease and see it bubbling. I do not like greasy curry at all, and I hate dhal when it is runnier than soup and in a pool of vegetable oil. Although the flavors were ok, I was not a fan of the Curry cafe.

Then, last year through ‘Cheap eats lists’ on Manchester confidential and here-say from Manchester vegan group, I found ‘This and That’ from the pictures online, the curries did not look to greasy, they had color, they had a good choice and the vegetables looked vibrant rather than tired and over cooked. Still not convinced, I dragged Mum into ‘This and That’ to sample their ‘rice ‘n three’.


My order – dhal and mixed veg with rice


about to tuck in to my curry!

I didn’t like the look of the potato curry so I opted for extra mixed veg and Mum does not like rice so she ordered bread instead. The portions were more than plentiful! At some curry houses you get a thin layer of rice and a tea spoon of each curry but instead our plates were piled high. Although nothing compared to my own or many others home cooked curry, this was very tasty. And the mixed veg had lots of variety in it not all carrot and potato like some! The best bit is that ‘rice ‘n three’ at This and That costs only £3.50! And all the veggie curries are vegan. Another note is that the rice was not plain boiled rice but flavored and very tasty! All for less than a subway sandwich. I urge you to visit.

If you want to visit this and that then the menu and prices are online and it is situated on a back street in the Northern Quarter.



Mums order potato, dhal and mixed veg with chapatthi

One thought on “The best rice and three in Manchester?

  1. I always see this on the cheap manchester food places, but have never got round to visiting. I think I’ll have to visit now after seeing your pictures. Be sure to check my recent blog post out about the new american diner in the Northern Quarter. They sell veggie burgers too 🙂


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