ZOTTER – Chocolate review, Superfood Labooko

Just after attending the Chocolate Tasting I talked about a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win a Facebook draw and receive some delicious chocolate from Zotter. If you are not familiar with the brand, then note that it is a high end chocolate brand with an extensive vegan range, unusual flavours and amazing ethics.

ViviLnkFirst I tried the Superfood Medium raw bar, It is 75% cacao but not at all bitter, it is the only bar by Zotter certified as raw. And it uses coconut sugar and super-food powders including mushroom in its blend!


These bars were from the Labooko range of chocolate- solid chocolate rather than having a filling, these bars are sold in 75g packages split into 2 bars.


I adored the intricacy of the on bar art as well as the lovely artistic wrapping


The bar was indulgent but not sickly and was fine consumed in one sitting. It had really deep, earthy cocoa flavours despite being sweet, every bite tasted slightly different, I am not a huge ‘plain’ chocolate fan but this bar was something special. I need something special or I get bored! The bar had a good snap but also a good in mouth melt which is unusual in ‘raw’ chocolate which is often too soft, grainy or too hard despite having good tastes.



The image below is the other bars by Zotter, The hand-scooped range of filled chocolate bars have a variety of fillings such as vegan orange mousse, chilli and champagne. Non- vegan varieties include some quirky flavours such as fish! Yuck. The seasonal packaging on these is exquisite and Viva online shop stocked the Easter Bunny bar, so cute!


You are probably wondering how much cash exactly this LUXURY brand would set you back, not too expensive but certainly not cheap, Hand-scooped bars and 2 packs of 35g Labooko are both £3.35, The best value for money range- Couverture is £4.10 for 130g and includes coconut milk chocolate, dark chocolate, rice milk milk chocolate and rice milk white chocolate. On their online sight Zotter also offer a Mi-XING range where you can create your own chocolate bar including fillings and toppings and even shapes, so if you wanted you could create a millet milk chocolate rabbit with champagne filling, matcha green tea crispies, and raspberry moons! for around £6, sounds like a perfect gift.


The brand are very ethical and fairly traded also using organic ingredients and beautiful packaging complete with cute tasting cards. Although expensive, for treats and gifts, I think this brand is a cool idea especially the Mi-xing range! To find out more about the brand’s ethics then click here http://www.zotter.co.uk/en/about-zotter/organic-fair-trade-green.html or to shop online then click here http://www.zotter.co.uk/en/choco-shop/vegan-lactose-free/vegan-products.html

Ps- Although I got this Chocolate free on a Facebook giveaway, this post is not sponsored by Zotter in any way.



4 thoughts on “ZOTTER – Chocolate review, Superfood Labooko

      • Their hand scooped filled bars are very nice but so is their dark chocolate. The pink coconut and fish marshmallow bar is actually very nice as you can’t detect any fish in the taste, but obviously it is not vegan. For vegans I’d recommend the dark chocolate labooko bars, and the bird’s eye chilli bar if you like a bit of heat. If you’re willing to allow yourself some diary it does open up the available options, and the milk is organic as with everything else.


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