Manchester Vegan Fair 2015

On Saturday I was lucky enough to visit Manchester Vegan Fair for the first time! The Vegan Fair is organised annually by Vegan Organic Network who I met with recently at a film screening which they also organised. The Fair is in Chorlton, one of my favorite areas of Manchester due to its friendliness to dogs and vegans!



We arrived at 10-52 although there was already a line so we missed out on the first 100 guests get a free Koko goody bag promotion. Entry was £2 which I think went towards funds for the organic network. A look around the stalls showed us that they included Vegan Tuck box who were running a 1/2 price subscription offer, Arbonne, Tropic skin care, Pulsin protein bars, Coffee, Smoothies, Raw Chocolate, Oat milk chocolate, Unicorn Grocery organic goodies, Vegan Society, Wildlife trust, Vegan beef jerky and chinese fish powder, Vegan Lifestyle association, Bute Island Sheese, Little blue hen soap and a recipe book stall. Caterers included Caribbean food, Chinese food, Indian food, Teatime collective, The 8th day, V Revolution and The Kitchen.

Throughout the day we saw lots of the acts on the stage, these included live music, comedy and poetry along with a strange all ladies bicycle dance troupe although my favorite was some children’s Irish Dancing as the Irish center was the location of the fete. For children there were rickshaw rides, face painting and circus skills available so there was something for everyone. For my own lunch I chose a caterer I had never heard of before – Street Beets, they had haggis burgers, hot-dogs and Beetroot Burgers. I chose a beetroot burger as I thought it must be good given it featured in the stand name! It was huge and delicious, I also added Pulled jack-fruit as an extra and piled it high with salad, sweetcorn salsa, coleslaw, vegan mayo and chili sauce. Hearty and superb! Mum got a classic hot dog from the same stand which she enjoyed. There were also talks going on which is fine if you are into that but as I am already vegan it was a bit of a case of preaching to the converted and I find stuff like that a bit boring anyhow.



Also during the day I sampled some Creole banana soda bread and Mango and Coconut cake- both delicious and moist and some blueberry muffin and lemon curd. The vegan lemon curd was soya cream, vegan margarine and sugar along with the lemon- I might try making some for the blog. Then before leaving I had a chocolate and banana milkshake with granola on top, I then went and bought some cacao powder from the 8th day stall (£3) to make my own! I am looking forward to the Northern vegan festival in October as there will be more non- food stalls such as shoe, clothes and cosmetics retailers along with some workshops which I find more fun than documentaries and talks! However I would recommend the fair as it was nice to sit in the sun eating nice food and listening to music!


If you want to know more about the Vegan Organic networks work then here is their website –

If you want to come to the Vegan festival then here is the link!-

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