I <3 Tsum Tsum

My friends know that I am an avid lover of all things Disney, my latest Disney obsession is these Japanese inspired Tsum Tsum, translated as ‘Stack Stack’ they were mascots for a Japanese Disney game but the plushies proved more popular than the game itself although it is still very much alive. Cheaper than pins for collecting these little guys are priced at £3 for the standard size (giant ones are sold too) and I love them. Why you ask? Well….

1. They represent all your favorite classic and modern Disney characters, Its rare for some of my old favorites to have merchandise in The Disney Store, Tsum Tsum have released The Little Mermaid, Bambi, ‘Aristocats’ Marie, Dumbo, Alice in wonderland, Lady and Pinocchio toys so far with more expected to be released. Our rarer characters are to get recognition? Scuttle from The Little Mermaid is barely ever represented in merchandise and neither is Bruno from Cinderella, Miss Bunny from Bambi and Doormouse from Alice in wonderland. Could this mean possible Pumba and Timon merchandise, The gargoyles from Hunchback?, Meeko from Pocahontas would be good too Disney! Who knows? 🙂 However these trendy toys also play into demand for modern makes such as Pixar movies and Frozen! All of my loves can combine!


2. Collect-ability- The compact size and moderate price mean these score high on collect-ability, Everyone loves soft toys but they take up lots of room whereas the little size and shape of Tsum Tsum mean they can move house easily and aren’t too clutter-some (good for those with super collector genes and hoarder genes alike!) Also in the UK we have a loyalty card for getting exclusive pins! FREEEEEEE! Figaro is my favorite so far though as he stars in Pinocchio and Mickey Mouse so he is officially one of the coolest Disney characters and I think Walt would agree.


3. Anticipation- Every 2ND Tuesday of the month is Tsum Tsum Tuesday – Alliteration and Anticipation, brightening up Tuesdays for all. There Tsu- Cute! (Its punny!)



Next month is the release of stuffies from new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out and they look incredible so get to the store (or online!) before they are all gone! Like Frozen dresses (or those How to train your dragon toys bringing tragedy to many kids Christmas lists when I worked at Build a Bear!) Tsum Tsums sell out very fast! Avoid disappointment people! The craze is alive with cuteness!

Buy online here – http://www.disneystore.co.uk/tsum-tsum/mn/1503506/?searchRedirect=1&searchTerm=tsum+tsum&catalogFromSearch=10002


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