‘Ain’t no party like an Sclub party’

For my Christmas and 17th Birthday joint birthday gift, my Auntie and my favorite cousin Bek got me a very special gift; tickets to go and see Sclub7 perform on their reunion tour. The group bring lots of memories to me through their cheesy songs and sloppy ballads. Music just doesn’t come so fun anymore. Haven, Pontins, Butlins and every school disco and birthday party never failed at providing some ‘Funky Funky beats’ for everyone to groove too meaning my memories associated with Sclub7 are always happy. The concert did not fail to impress and provided a fun and party like atmosphere for everyone to reminisce and sing along.






One of my favorite parts of the concert was an acoustic version of the song ‘Reach for the Stars’ I used to love doing the actions when I was little however I never quite got the timing right. If you grew up listening to Sclub7 then I recommend getting tickets for a very fun night out. Search Bringitallbacktour15 book tickets then remember the kareoke lyrics and catchy tunes and moves. The title of the post has to remind me of the year 5 talent show in my primary school, where I belted out the full Sclub party number as all 7 members, complete with actions, never forget the actions, and if you do – then you have to invent your own actions…. I did alot of this. Oh to be young and care free.

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