Vegan Outreach

PTDC0326I recently took part in the volunteering and organisation for a Vegan Outreach day organised by Bolton Veggie, Vegan and Animal rights group. The idea was for an ‘Outreach’ project, where we could spread the word about vegetarianism and vegan-ism in a laid-back non activist way. The day consisted of giving out homemade cakes and treats to passers by, inviting people inside for ‘tasting’ of some lovely samples we were sent by our favorite vegan and free from brands and giving out vegan starter kits, and cookbooks from Vegetarian Society, PETA, Suma organics, Animal Aid and Viva both in goody bags and individually. The literature was well received by all as were the samples. We even gave sausage rolls to a big builder type pedestrian without him realizing they were veggie (until we told him of course).


People have asked if the event was a success, I believe it was, although due to storms and unfortunate weather conditions we did not reach as many people as we would have liked to, we certainly made an impact on the views of many people. I truly believe that a few of the people we talked to will become vegan, and I think at least! more than 60 of them will consider vegetarianism or cut down on meat consumption (maybe using the cook books) even if it is for practical reasons rather than compassion. I also think some vegetarians who were visiting the cafe anyway have walked around with a seed planted in their minds about going further. The event was about opening peoples minds and creating awareness and we couldn’t have done it without venue, The Kitchen on Great Moor street for being so accommodating, thank you!



Pamela organised the event and is co-admin of the team


I would also like to give thanks to the helpful companies:-

To Bute Island Sheese for donating the delicious cheeses especially the cream cheese as spread on oatcakes it was well received by many cheese loving omnis and veggies.

To Moo Free Choc for the chocolate bars

To Suma for the recipe books

and to Koko for the delcious non dairy milk which proved nobodys breakfast cereal or coffee need suffer due to a vegan lifestyle!


Not forgetting Teen Vgn and The vegan kind- although I was not the one to deal with you personally about the event unlike the above, the resources were very helpful so thanks for being so generous when Pamela contacted you!

There will soon be a follow up post reviewing my food at The Kitchen on Great Moor St, Bolton.


To anybody, reading this who is not vegetarian or vegan please think about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, I will not list any because everyone gains different things from being vegan, for many it is simply the satisfaction that minimal suffering incurred on your foods journey to your plate. Order a starter kit if you are considering it or if you fancy a cool freebie packed with tasty recipes for meat free mondays!


Love and hugs


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