Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Review

I got this nifty little product in my Christmas stocking but I did not open it straight away so I have only just finished it. I wasn’t sure what exactly this product was initially, was it a cleanser, a primer? It turns out to be a moisturizer and a very good one at that. I have combination skin (dry/oily) I hate greasy moisturizers, thick moisturizers and those oil free tea tree ones that make your skin all tight and tingly (some anti wrinkle ones do this too! eurgh). As you can see I am quite the critic but I loved this product, the light formula sunk into my skin and got absorbed quickly leaving skin soft but not clogging pores or staying on the surface of my skin for hours. I would definitely recommend this product to young people looking for an new everyday moisturizer. It also contains SPF 15 so good for summer and if your current day cream does not contain protection then this might be something extra to buy as Skin Cancer affects 1 in 56 of us.

You can purchase the emulsion in full size here

Here is Benefits status regarding animal testing

Free From Beeswax, Carmine and Lanolin


Have a nice day



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