5 reasons to spring into spring

I love the spring, I love Christmas but as soon as it is over I used to sink into SAD, I now combat this by turning all attention onto my birthday and the new year which takes me up to 25th of January, I dragged my Birthday out for as long as possible (posts to follow! its still not done!) and powered through and suddenly it feels like spring, not winter!

Maybe its a placebo affect due to pancake day being super early! or Chinese new year being super late! (Its messing up my calendar!) but I feel the birds are singing way more than usual for Febuary, and it is way brighter and lighter despite being cold so I have officially proclaimed on today which for Catholics is the 2nd day of Lent! that Spring has indeed sprung.

Anybody who knows me will be able to tell you I like to write lists so here we go (its a good way to celebrate so get your notepads at the ready!) And maybe a cookie and a drink too (listing is thirsty/hungry work)

Roo enjoys a cookie and some late night writing.

1. Wildlife, I still see Robins but I also see all the other little birds, joyously singing in the sun not having to peck through Ice and snow, The other day I saw a fox behind the house and foxes I adore, not to mention the squirrels and butterflies, Spring is a good time for a wildlife walk. The grass grows greener when spring has sprung.

The mope, the worrier, the kid, the happy-go-lucky bear, and the perky bouncer.

2. Washing that smells good, Washing hung out on a line smells fresh like flowers and breeze. Not musty cupboards and toast. It is also softer and less stiff, this is a fact.

3. New projects, Get those new year craft projects out, keep at things and power on. February meant starting a new module for my open university course, it is super motivating and highly interesting. I am also keeping busy with bedroom DIY (posts to follow)

4. The dog is in a better mood. Marnie does not like rain and does not realise we humans do not control rain, Marnie likes sunny spots and lying on blankets covered in polka dots, on said sunny spots, whilst chewing bones. When the sun comes out to play, Marnie barely barks throughout the day and walks are not always followed by crazed zoomies or bathtimes.

5. More stuff is on its way!, Christmas and the national celebration of India’s birth are both over but no need to cry, We have had pancakes and Chinese food in the same week! AND there IS plenty more to look forward to; Marnie’s Birthday (ok maybe that’s just me), The day of celebrating drunk   irish people and the amazing-ness of irish stuff like beer and barmbrack and other stuff, International women’s day! (need I say more ladies) Easter! and all the chicks, rabbits and chocolate surrounding the aforementioned celebration ,National Shakespeare week (because The Bard is cool- get over it), The election (don’t go there) ,The release of lots more Disney films like Cinderella and Tomorrowland! and then… SUMMER….

Have a nice day!



Hurrah for Spring!

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