Secret ingredient Devils chocolate Fudge triple layer cake

Devils food cake or Chocolate Fudge cake is a recipe done a million times! But the special cake I prepared for my 17th had NO EGG, NO BUTTER, NO MILK and NO CREAM!


Here is the Cake recipe-

Betty Crocker Chocolate cake mix or (gf) Better Batter Chocolate cake mix

12oz can of Diet Cola

1 tablespoon of ‘Pure’ margarine.

mix these 3 ingredients well then pour into 3 8inch greased and parchment paper lined layer tins and bake each at 350 for 15 minutes.

leave the cakes overnight to cool if possible.

Here is the best bit- The frosting/icing recipe-

1 package of firm silk tofu- I used

2 teaspoons of vanilla essence

a little soy milk

3 cups of Dark chocolate chips- I used half green and blacks 70% dark chocolate and half morrisons value plain chocolate.

Blend your tofu with the vanilla till it is a creamy consistency then melt your dark chocolate in a pan and gradually add to your blender or mixer till there are no white  spots. Leave in the fridge to set. – When ready to use bring to room temperature , mixture will be stiff, add a little soya milk to the ganache until it reaches a consistency you can work with.

Now assemble your cake!


*Its best to leave to chill for a while after frosting before serving



*I used dairy free choices white chocolate buttons to decorate

*the cake is also delicious warm with soya whip

The verdict was that the cake was delicious and the gluten free guests loved it as it was not at all grainy, non vegans did not know the cake was even vegan and found the sponge light yet rich and tasty and the frosting, well nobody guessed there was tofu involved and all found it creamy, also describing it as fudgey , rich and indulgent.



Have a nice day



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