Bundobust- Fast, Delicious and Central

I haven’t written a review in a while and this one has been a long time coming! Just before Christmas I was down after a long day at work and my gorgeous mummy who had been out Christmas shopping came and surprised me when my shift finished, I was ravenous after a 12 hour shift so she said she was treating me to dinner. Pleasantly surprised we headed over to Mowgli in the Corn Exchange (I wanted Indian!) but food had a half hour wait!, I fancied something spicy and remembered a new place opening that day; Bundobust. A friend from Leeds and also lots of my favourite bloggers had mentioned this place to me before, so although I thought we would probably be waiting a while, I decided- If I was going to wait- I might as well try a new place too.

So, of to Bundobust it was, The menu was fully veggie, and nearly completely vegan! We ordered everything that was vegan apart from 3 dishes- cauliflower bhaji, mini dosa and bhel puri. The bar staff gave us some okra fries while we chatted and then we head back over to our table. The food is tapas style if you want a big meal so we ordered quite a bit, if was really affordable though, and they do a good lunch deal as well as a big group everything on the menu special!

Lots of food came out, and every time it did, we presumed it would finally be ours! It wasn’t till nearly an hour later, and the table next to us arriving and ordering with the food arriving within 15 minutes that mum decided to approach a server. We had wanted to be patient as other places had been slated due to teething problems, we presumed they were struggling on the first day. It turned out, our order had not come through! We were given huge apologies from the waitress who fully camped our meal, brought my mum another wine, brought us some nibbles and a free mocktail for me. Outstanding service! And in a polite manner!

Our food arrived within 15 minutes piping hot and with extra rice and dips.

Everything was DELICIOUS, The modern style street food really worked. The Idli were gorgeous, as was the chole and the dhal. The mix of dips and okra fries with mango salt were really unusual and the Kachumber salad was delightfully fresh and well seasoned- it was actually my favourite!


Where’s my food?


Erm we were first…

The mocktail was mango and really tasty too! We really enjoyed the food and the service was great, staff were friendly and chatty, and they allow dogs! If you like craft beer, street food and a bustling atmosphere similar to an Indian market then Bundobust is the place to be, An underground gem in the heart of Manchester. (Between NQ and Picadilly, where the Chinese buffet with the hygiene problem used to be)

I loved Bundobust so much I chose it for my birthday meal in January where it got similar great feedback from all and the service was super fast, they were also accommodating in letting me store my cake in the fridge all day while we played golf with no cake corkage fee . My one complaint is that the hangover brunch options all contain egg and there are no vegan brunch options- maybe they could add a gram flour omelette wrap?

All in all I really recommend Bundobust for a laid back dining experience, which is fun, immersive, colourful and tasty! Food that has lots of flavours and different spices, everything was seasoned well, you can also request extra chillis, If you are me…

Love India x

My Article for ‘The Hectic Vegan’ E-mag! Vegan Beauty

A while back Rich who runs blog and E-magazine- ‘The Hectic Vegan’ contacted me with regards to being a contributor to the E-publication. I wrote an article about some of my favorite high end and budget Cruelty Free Cosmetics. The article has now been published! Be sure to check it out.

It is slightly out-dated in that Kat Von D is now sold in the UK and the line is almost entirely vegan and cruelty free. And ILLAMASQUA are now specifying vegan products as well as being cruelty free. Luckily I received products from Kat Von D for Christmas and I bought some ILLAMASQUA for myself for my birthday so keep an eye out for reviews on here!. Here is the link to download your very own copy of the magazine! 

Image result for bare minerals


Lots of vegan love, India


Vegan Dr. Martens Review

Been holding off my review since last January when I got these!

Mine are the patent ‘leather’ type; ‘Cambridge Brush’. They are 100% Synthetic and vegan.

Quality wise, they look and feel like regular Docs. Whether this is a good or bad thing is debatable. I got a small scar on my leg from the tops rubbing, so as with regular Doc Martin boots, be sure to wear thick long socks. I have purchased some of the Dr Marten brand socks and they are pricey (£8!) but worth it!. They are very warm and nice, and unless you are wearing skinny jeans inside your Dr Martens, be sure to grab a pair. I know some people wear short shorts, skirts etc, with no socks or trainer socks. YOU ARE FLIPPING MENTAL!.

I found the fit, true to size, room for socks and even insoles should be left. I recommend trying on lots on the high street before buying online.

Now ‘worn in’ the shoes are pretty much as comfortable as they will ever be I guess. They are strong although as I haven’t had them that long I cant say they will be long lasting. Perhaps others can offer insight into this. Unlike some Dr Martens, they don’t have a policy with regards to their strength of wear and life long last-ability. Mine have stayed waterproof, feel strong and are fine in the snow, scuffs brush off very easily too- the main difference I have found from my Sketchers branded faux dm style shoes- which get very tarnished.

They are an investment at £100 + however should last a while, and I got mine 1/2 price!

If you love Dr Martens and are vegetarian, I think the vegan ones will live up to standards for when  you need replacements! Alternately I heard Vegetarian shoes make some good dupes too!

Thanks for reading my review. On looks though, these are gorgeous. I don’t think this hot pink color is around in the UK currently (apart from ebay) but look! how shiny and cute!

Image result for vegan pink dms


V Revolution/ V-Rev Vegan Diner

Vegans of Manchester and beyond probably all know now that, V Revolution previously on Olham Rd right up near Abakhan Haberdashery and The Frog And Bucket, Have relocate to their new premises on Edge St. The new premises is much more central within the Northern Quarter area meaning it is closer to Shudehill and The Arndale as well as other locations Tib Street, Manchester Craft and Design Center, and other places I love such as Bon Bon Chocolate Boutique, Common and Ziferblat (It is located directly opposite pay per minute zone; Ziferblat)

The new location also comes with a revamp to the ‘junk food’ menu. Burgers are handmade from soy and seitan and Chicken Burgers with seitan and faux buttermilk batter; Burgers are now served with fries and in a pretzel roll, Tofu based hot dogs are still offered alongside grilled cheese sandwiches but further new additions include macaroni cheese, sides of chilli and loaded fries and salads. They also now are licensed for boozing with a cheeky cocktail menu for those who aren’t TeeTotal people like me,dryanuary participants or super religious.

On my first visit V Revolution were having their opening day, they have admitted themselves that the first two weeks were chaos. They were shockingly unprepared, ran out of food and the ordering system experienced serious mishaps. I waited until I had heard that people were having better experiences and hour waits were off the cards before posting this review; to be fair. Anyway, It sounds like things are sorted now.

I love the new venue, its very kitsch, filled with incredible vegan artwork from local artists, bright and well lit. One hangup mentioned frequently is people getting hit by the lights though as they do hang very well so this is a design flaw from a practical sense. I particularly loved the mirrors in the restroom area, which is gender neutral, very clean and even had gumball style dispensers for condoms and tampons (vegan of course)

First visit I tried the Grilled Cheese. I really didn’t like it, the ‘cheese’ had stayed in a slice and sweated rather than melting, the sourdough bread was far too crusty for a grilled cheese, it needed to have a bigger circumference, yet was quite thick, crust heavy and chewy meaning it was dry and there was not another cheese to bread in the ratio, the sandwich I opted for also contained ‘toona’. I think it was handmade chickpea tuna however although it tasted good, it was very dried out as the moisture had soaked into the bread leaving me with a dry chickpea crumby paste inside due to the type of cheese used. In the old location V Rev used Violife in their grilled cheeses and pre sliced bread but it was much nicer so they were obviously doing something different cheesewise although Violife is not my favourite. At Vegan Beer Fest they were using Follow your heart cheese in mac and cheese so I thought that at the new venue they might use Follow your heart cheddar or mozzarella shreds which are incredible in grilled cheese sandwiches.

Now onto the more positive.. We also got Elvis Burger and Satay burger. The ‘beef’ burger in the Elvis burger was fine and the burger is loaded with banana, peanut butter and ‘bacon’ however what I loved was the Satay Burger! The ‘chicken’ burger was incredible, huge, delicious and with a yummy coating, seitan perfection. The pretzel roll also meant the buns did not dissolve. The mac and cheese is classic boxed mac and cheese (make sure you know if you like boxed mac and cheese- it does taste artificial- it is meant to) and the fries are similar to those in most fast food joints, proper skinny fries. The milkshakes are great in the new location as the staff use a soft serve vegan ice cream machine! You can even get soft serve on brownie and cookie sandwiches I believe.


Next visit we brought Marnie and she was very accommodated for from a ‘dog friendly’ POV, she was given treats and water too. We got chilli to share, and Mum got ‘Jerry Zinger’ I got Guac to the future. Once again the chicken burgers were really great. Anyone saying V Rev should go back to the old Frys burgers, you are mental!. Too chewy! Meat is chewy… Being vegan does not make your teeth fall out!. The chilli was super good as was the salsa on my burger.

One more reflection I have to mention after a friend brought it up. Plates. The new prices reflect an eat in diner, the old ones reflected a fast food joint. Its like Gourmet Burger Kitchen or TGI fridays now, not Mcdonalds or Burger King; the prices reflect that and so does the atmosphere and food quality. Some people have defended the baskets saying ‘its ‘American Diner Style’. I have been to America- and eaten in many vegan and non vegan places. Fast Food Joints such as Tom and Chee where I paid $4 for a grilled cheese- served in baskets, REAL LIFE American Diners such as Ethos vegan Kitchen did use plates. The papers in the baskets get disgracefully mushed and are waste produce anyway, plates of some sort would be a big but great investment in the future.. Just something to consider and obviously investments like that take a lot of thinking about.

VISIT 1- Service 3/10 (No comps offered, large wait, cold food, milkshakes 40 min before meal, fries 10 mins before burgers, requested condiments after one party member finished eating.) OBVIOUSLY I WOULDN’T JUDGE A PLACE ON THIS ON OPENING DAY THOUGH!

VISIT 1- Food 6.5/10 (It was before they included fries with burgers so most people felt value was lost, fries were cold, grilled cheese not nice. BURGERS 9/10- incredible, Milkshake 9/10- they had run out of toppings although I wouldn’t have known if they didn’t say)

VISIT 2- Service 8/10 (Lovely to Marnie, apologized for wait, staff all looked happy and welcoming)

VISIT 2- Food- 9/10 (Burgers delicious- good cheese, good seitan chicken and yummy BBQ sauce, non dissolving bun, mum said some of the fries were hard)

Overall 8/10 ❤

Good luck V REV! Wishing you all the best,

You have always been a lovely team and your expanded team have kept it that way. The new recipes were very nice and the decorating makes me want to move in!. The decorating is probably one of my favorite bits, especially the art and the selfie mirror, the great bright and happy color scheme and the good lighting. Take that from someone who has to study visual aesthetics, color and lighting at university!. I presume others feel similar as fine dining and Italian restaurants are great with dimmed lighting and wouldn’t suit bright lighting but not sooooo candle lit you can’t see your plate, I have also had discussions where people have agreed ‘red’ or ‘blue’ tinted lighting can be horrible, whatever is causing it, your meal looking pink and red or purple and lilac does not make it look visually appetizing. (Also the food pics look gross, Hello! Instagram!, no seriously, check my photos from the Buddha Lounge 1st visit on this blog- those photos took a lot of labour and still aren’t worthy of a #veganfoodenvy hashtag!) And we vegans love taking photos of food, heck don’t all millennials and post millennials dig that now? In Paperchase we even had a ‘damn, I forgot to Instagram that shit’ post card.

Love and good new year wishes to all my readers!




Stocking filler or small sized Christmas gift ideas for all; 2016

Hi everyone and welcome to my gift guide for this year. It’s just a small list of gifts people on your list may appreciate as I think the huge cover all bases type lists are often generic, offering too many gimmicky and tick box gifts.

Hair ties- Whether you are shopping for a girl or guy, child or adult, anyone without short hair will need hair ties at one point or another, I love the type such as Popbands as they also look less harsh on my wrist than a plain coated elastic and are less obvious when being worn as opposed to a scrunchie which tends to stand out while in your hair, they also crease your hair less. Even if one always wears their hair down, a hair tie is useful if they run or go to the gym or have to tie hair back while cooking. The ones I am featuring here are from Etsy as following on from the list I did last year for the blog; everything featured will benefit Fair Trade, an independent crafter or small businesses, a charity or an ethical company with regards to policy

.Tinkerbell green, polka dot and white hair tie set. Hair bands, no kink, bracelet elastic     20 soft stretch hair ties, hair elastics, ponies, yoga hair ties, bracelets, ponytail holders - blue mix


Photographed above; The Little Bow Studio and Eco Blue Bands    

Ok… The next one, you can do yourself! It’s super easy- just use your kids old crayons and a playdough or cake mould or an ice cube mould. However not everyone has time to do that! So for the busy mum, dad or auntie here is the next one; recycled crayons!

Recycled multicoloured Christmas crayons - stockings - trees - bells - stocking filler - kids

Those are from a shop of recycled delights; Braw Things also on Etsy

The next one are earrings-I love these and although you would have to know the taste of the person you were shopping for (for example not someone who only wears subtle stud earrings or only buys Tiffany silver or just only wears silver due to allergies!) I think these are very cute and they are ‘Shared Earth’ too so are fairly traded loveliness.

Handmade Recycled Pencil Crayon Earrings, Fair Trade, Made in India

Next gift is from Love Libby who I received a beautiful kite necklace from last year (Thanks Mum!) They do an imense range of vegan jewellery too including new anti hunting fox stuff! Cute herbivore dinosaur stuff, which might suit a tween or anyone who likes cute stuff! They now do beautiful lockets too. All in non silver or sterling silver materials.

You are my penguin love locket. Open clamshell style necklace. Gifts for her - valentines gift, girlfriend gifts - cute necklace    Vegan animal rights necklace - anti-hunting pendant. Fox necklace. Handstamped no to hunting with fox necklace on 16" chain

Fox necklace and penguin necklace above as well as lots of personalized products (pet pawprints and photo necklaces), gemstones and more. From LoveLibbyX

The next gift are just some Hemp socks– the material is amazing and although expensive, its Christmas so…


Prefer less subtle socks? Go to Viva For Orca socks!

Usually when featuring candles I go straight to Harpers Bizzare  These are MY favorite candles (although at the moment I need wax melts for my melter instead) But I have decided to branch out, this one I thought would really suit the rustic house or may even be a nice gift for a guy who likes candles but doesn’t want anything more ‘girly’ looking. (So sexist I know; sorry to guys who like their candles very pretty and cute!
Recycled Wine Bottle Candle with Christmas Spice Scent

Scents include vanilla and whisky it intrigues me!Reclaimed Oak - Wax Melt Warmer / Burner

Wax melts come next as I mentioned them;

FREE UK DELIVERY! Gingerbread Men Soy Wax Melts x4 - Gingerbread Vegan Wax Melts - Christmas Wax Melts - Stocking Filler - Gifts for Her

CUTE! from Sophie and Lola

Christmas decorations come next- you can go to a local market to get nice handmade decorations or make them yourself too. If you are shopping for a vegan (and it has to be the type who would purchase items saying VEGAN on them) then Viva has a nice design.



From Vegan Stitch 

For Bath Products this year I am going to highlight Bomb Cosmetics again. They are in Garden centers, online and in department stores as well as being on Amazon. The Christmas Bath Blasters and Mallows for this year look great! All under this policy; w e believe that neither animals, humans or the environment should suffer for our luxuries.

  Dash Away Bath Blaster 160g

I wanted to highlight  a brand stocked somewhere accessible for all so I think its great that local garden centers and John Lewis sell these as well as online. Although there are great soap and bath goods stalls on Etsy and at Christmas Markets.

Another gift for kids I would like to show are these great quality fox and badger hand puppets on the ‘League against Cruel Sports’ webshop.

fox puppetbadger puppet

Last year they only did stuffed animals so the puppets are a wonderful addition to the site!

One more gift I would like to mention is on another amazing charity webshop. The Amnesty International webshop sells loads; from bird houses and solar powered car kits to pens and necklaces as well as having a great selection of books. These Stamps might be a nice gift for any crafters you know who use stamps. They are wooden and handmade in India. You could split the set for different people ie; owl lover etc or you could keep them together in the bag.

Animal Printing Blocks (4)

I hope you liked this list! All items are quality and affordable and all from ethical sources somewhere along the line, or supporting a good cause. As I said, I write these lists as inspiration. I have no problems with high street shops or Amazon being used for Christmas shopping and I have been accused of being consumerist myself but I believe every trade is creating jobs too; I would hate to see more redundancy due to lack of high street purchases. So although everything you wear or buy may not be organic, fair trade or 100% ethical, I would still urge you to support at least 5-10 local shops, small businesses, etsy sellers, charity shops while doing your Christmas shopping.  And to try and buy some recycled and fair-trade stuff too. Products from Facebook and Etsy sellers are often unique and wonderful gifts, as are items from places such as trade craft they can add a special touch to your gift giving.

Love to you all and hope you are enjoying your Christmas preparations xx

Magic Kingdom and Mini Golf!

Magic Kingdom and Mini Golf

*sorry for lack of posts, I am busy with university at the moment  so have less writing/videoing time. Plus my laptop broke….

Today was another 2 park day in a way, we got up bright and early for rope drop, I ran through whilst mum went to bag check and got a great view! It must be great to be the family chosen to participate!image

Once inside we rode 7 dwarfs mine train (fast pass) buzz light year (fast pass, flying carpets and Peter Pan) Then got some yummy snacks, I had my last Mickey Pretzel of the trip and mum got a strawberry fruit bar. I thought I was getting my last dole whip but I actually had one in the Poly another day too. I like my dole whip best as a float with pineapple juice!

It was one of the hottest days that we had while inside the park but then… As we were on the way to mini golf there was a huge storm! I guess someone in the heavens really didn’t want me to play mini golf! We hoped it would be 3rd time lucky so persevered anyway, getting a bus to the Swan and Dolphin.

The best way to access the Fantasia Gardens mini golf is by going to the Swan and Dolphin as they are right by it. There are 2 courses, an easier crazy golf course and a less decorative course. The plainer course is much more challenging. We went for the fun course.

I am amazing at miniature golf and (sack modesty I had to say so myself!) there aren’t many good courses in the UK. I definitely want to try the cool illuminated ones at Universal and the other Disney one located at Typhoon Lagoon on my next Florida trip!

We had to hide in the ‘caves’ which were part of the theming when there were showers, and I kept dropping my club; terrified it would be struck by lightning… But we did finish the course and I won (with 3 hole in ones!)

We planned to go to dinner at a Disney hotel again but the storm had set in by the time we got a shuttle back so we went back to Champions World and I ordered the boring vegan option in the bar of pasta and Mum got a veggie burger. We then went swimming for a while at the covered pool for Dive In Movies. It’s amazing to swim in a pool, while watching a film during a beautiful tropical storm.

Vfestival – 2016 Weston Park


V festival was great, and I have been meaning to post about it. My main reason for going was the fact Justin Bieber was a headline act on the Sunday night as part of his ‘purpose’ tour but the whole line up was impressive. I would have liked to seen more but the rain was extremely heavy and obviously when you are with someone else, you try and accommodate them too.

A great extra at V festival this year was the Glee club comedy tent! I managed to see some fantastic stand up comedians and sit literally at their feet! It was great, a very involved series of sets and even further interaction and participation with the 2 compares. I managed to see Josh Widdecombe, Katherine Ryan, Sarah Pascoe, Bobby Mair (who is actually Justin Bieber’s 3rd cousin-for real and is hilarious) and loads of other well known comics as well as some less well known comedians who hadn’t been on TV as much if at all but were still hilarious!

Another nice touch would be the v pamper street area; donation only body paint, hair and nails from beauty bloggers and artists. I chose my nails and was treated by the talented nail art blogger; Polished Inka  She uses Barry M nail varnish too which is cruelty free and affordable, check out her blog for fun ideas! Pokemon Go nails anyone?


Festival nails!


The musicians I saw were Corinne Bailey Rae, Little Mix, Jake Bugg, James Morrison and Sia then of course Bieber. Despite many saying Bieber was bad, I actually loved the performance, I found it really funny, Justin chatted about the weather, ate poptarts on stage and played around, sung 2 acoustic songs live with his guitar then lip synced to some others, and I didn’t find anything wrong with that. Sia gave my 2nd favourite peformance, her voice and songs are incredible but I still don’t really get the interpretative dancers.

Vegan food options were pretty good! I loved the quinoa hummus and veggie wrap and green smoothie I had from a smoothie stand and the Mexican chilli from Teabag Chihuahua which was also marked vegan. For breakfasts I found a real gem, Oatopia had coconut soy and almond milk, lots of porridge toppers like dates, banana and maple syrup, barista coffee and both vegan flapjacks and raw balls! They also took card so no pricey cash withdrawls! The Churro stand had nice vegan churros, and there were plently of places doing hummus, sweet potato chips, fruit and jacket spuds.

What I packed clothes and makeup wise;


I actually wore most of it!; I got changed frequently due to the weather so I was glad I had taken so much!

Overall I really enjoyed the comedy and music at V festival and would definitely recommend it but do take lots of toilet roll, baby wipes, black bin liners (to keep your stuff dry) , waterproofs, a water bottle and an emergency blanket!



Vegan at Buddha Lounge – updated!

One of my favourite local restaurants is the ‘Buddha Lounge’.
Although my favourite Chinese/Cantonese restaurant is Lotus Vegetarian, the Buddha Lounge is my top choice for Thai food. They offer a sleek stylish interior, relaxed atmosphere and 2 fantastic menus, sporting both Cantonese and Thai food. Nearly every authentic dish can be veganised and staff members are helpful and knowledgeable. Any main has a veggie option which, with the exception of any soups, noodle or rice dishes containing egg, is also vegan. Mum took me there as a birthday treat January 2016 as we had a 50% off coupon.

We ordered veggie mock duck with pancakes and vegetable lettuce wraps to start. The Hoi Sin sauce went wonderfully with the mock duck; the more unusual lettuce wraps were fab too! The filling for these contained rice, minced cashew nuts, carrot, onions and other veggies and seasonings.

For my main I chose Thai Green Curry, as Thai curries rate highly on my list of favourite foods. It was lovely and I could really taste the aromatic lemongrass, hot green chilli and creamy coconut which It contained, amongst other things; tofu, corn, carrot and mangetout. Mum chose the Black Bean Tofu, and we share sides of sticky rice and salt and pepper chips, the latter was really flavoursome and well seasoned. I think there was 5 spice in the salt, or something similar, rather than just chillies and salt tossed on top as in some other places. The Black Bean dish was good but we both agreed that it wasn’t as outstanding as the other stuff.
I got the dessert menu and was happy to see there was also a vegan option, despite this being fruit based. The fruity lychee, pineapple and grape dessert was actually perfect, although possibly when they reshuffle the menu, even more options will be available, not only for the desserts but also for the mains, even though that is quite varied as it stands.

below photos from 18/8/16 (recent visit)

Verdict- top quality food and fantastic service!!

I am dining at the Buddha Lounge again tonight with my Bury vegan group so will add more review content shortly.

* 14 of the vegans from my Bury Vegan group went down to Buddha Lounge last Thursday, they will soon be in a new larger venue so I wanted to go to this one again!

We all choose different dishes, from the fresh and spicy papaya salad to the Szechuan stir fry, the most popular Thai curry was the Massaman, filled with potato and cashew nuts in a mild sauce, the Thai green curry which I had last time was popular too. I tried the Malaysian Kari Ayam as I have never seen that one before, it sounded like a spicier variation of the Penang but without ground peanuts. It was absolutely amazing, a creamy coconut base, red chilli and lots of spices, beancurd and veggies, a nice change from my usual choice of a green curry. I also tried th coconut rice which is mild, creamy and delicious.


India X

Animal Kingdom; Tusker House Breakfast/Lunch review and Epcot!

On our second day at Animal Kingdom we had decided that we wanted to go to the Lion King Show, Rafiki’s Planet Watch and finish the Pagani Forest Trail.

At rope drop we went along to the Terra Treats stand, planning to get some Erin McKenna’s pastries for breakfast, however when we got there we saw that it didn’t open till 11.  By then we would want a sit down meal, so I opened the ‘My Disney Experience app’ and booked us into Tusker House Buffet for the latest breakfast slot at 10.40 am.

We had another look at the Tree of Life and then watched the Lion King Show – Festival of the lion King – it was one of my favourite theatre shows in WDW.  It featured songs from the Lion King and costumes in the style of those used in the Lion King Musical, as well as classic depictions of Simba and Pumba, using animatronics, plus Disney World costume versions of Rafiki and Timon.  It featured amazing singing, dancing and acrobatics.  It was also short enough in duration to hold the attention of younger children.


By the time this finished it was time for our breakfast slot.  As standard at Disney buffets, the chef came over to walk me through the buffet.  Vegan options included oatmeal, breakfast cereals, sweet fried plantain, bagels, corn bread, fruit chutneys, roast potato wedges and fresh fruit.  However, the chef told me that if I waited a little while before revisiting the buffet, the lunch options would be out too!  So I could choose from an even bigger selection.  Lunch options included 2 types of hummus, more chutneys, white rice, tabbouleh, lots of salads, vegetables and a delicious, spicy tofu curry.  I loved everything, especially the plantain bean salad, corn break and the tofu.  The chef also made me a batch of 3 vegan Mickey waffles and she brought me some chocolate soya milk.

I noticed many people doing what we did and making the most of the ‘changeover slot’, essentially cramming 2 meals into 1.  You could easily load up on pastries, cereal and cooked breakfast goods, and then get lots of the main lunchtime dishes and desserts too!  As with the other breakfast buffets; we even got a nice pot of coffee.

After finishing our amazing African inspired character meal and meeting Donald, Mickey, Minnie etc. we left the bustling Harambe market place area and boarded the train to Rafiki’s Plant Watch. Over at a different area of the park, this is where WDW carry out lots of their conservation work and there is a cool education area there, where you can learn about that through videos and exhibits.  There were also lots of insects, amphibians and reptiles to view.  My favourite bit at Planet Watch was the affection section.  Lots of non-farmed ‘farm animals’ were here and they had their own climbing frames and enclosures with toys and beds where they could go when they fancied a time out!  The climbing frames were cool as goats are climbers after all.  The activity toys, like those given to dogs, monkeys and horses were great too.  The supervising cast member explained that ‘farm animals’ get bored and need mental stimulation too.  I brushed a friendly goat.  Another goat busied itself eating a girl’s wheelchair!  On the way back to the train we met Chip and Dale!


Back on the Pagani Forest trail we saw the meerkats and silver backed gorillas.  We then went for some drinks at the Rainforest Cafe so that we could enjoy the interior. And of course, see a tropical rainstorm!


It was quite early in the day so we went to Epcot to spend some time in the Nemo area and check out some more countries. I remembered to stop for some delicious vegan sorbet in ‘France’ and tried the mango one this time.

We caught a ‘Friendship’ boat over to the boardwalk area and Epcot resorts but there was a big storm so we had a coffee at the Swan (They had almond milk and larabars but not sure if they always do) and got an uber from the Boardwalk abandoning the idea of miniature golf!




Update love- Ice Shack, Parties and a beauty salon

Hey everyone, another little update post for y’all, but first look at this yummy plate of goodness I had at Earth Cafe the other week. (2 mains, 2 sides- £7)


Potato pasticcio, Plaintain fritter, courgette olive salad and tofu veggie stirfry

Right now, so… I have been to lots of great Parties of late, 3 of which had 100% vegan catering, my friend Therese had the potluck which I have shown you the amazing cake from. (Which I made!)

My friends Nikki and Pete had a joint party at Pheonix City chinese buffet in Stalybridge which was fantastic and had a photobooth!,

and my friend Rachel had a house party with a vegan cheese fondue, and an attic disco. All the parties were great, thanks guys!

In other news… I visited Ice Shack in Withington. This is a veggie/vegan ice cream parlour and coffee shop with a really cute fun atmosphere. It was totally chilled out and they host lovely events such as board games nights as well as toddler groups and running clubs. I had a gorgeous Oreo soy-milkshake which even had coffee ice cream in it! They do an amazing ice cream sundae with cake or doughnuts, cookies, chocolate and 5 scoops of ice cream in it too! And it is served in a dog bowl!

I am off to V Festival in August so I have been prepping for that as I will be seeing Justin Bieber and everyone else I fancy when they perform there, among-st planning baking schedules for my August vegan events. Rule no- 1 for packing for V festival however should be no playsuits or jumpsuits! Nobody wants to be stark naked in a porta-loo / porta-potty.

And also… You know I love talking Politics… so here’s a picture of free food! Which I got for contributing to an amazing project ‘Propaganda by the People’ animating my views on being Pro- Europe.


Finally the Beauty Salon at Gronn Bury is now open! It is not 100% vegan like the hair salon but very vegan friendly, with massages, manicures, waxing and facials on offer! Get down there! Pre-holiday or pre-Back to school treatments a-plenty.

Love and Hugs

India x